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About Elizabeth

Born in Brisbane and a resident of St Lucia, Elizabeth has lived and worked in the suburbs of Ryan for most of her life, as have her husband, sons, grandchildren, and extended family.

A celebrated architect, Elizabeth’s career in architecture and urban design included running her own successful practice in St Lucia and Auchenflower for 21 years and subsequently as Design Director of a leading national firm. Her awarded design work has focussed on sustainable design of our built environments, urban resilience, accessibility, and social equity.  Elizabeth is a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and a member of independent expert panels advising state and local governments.

Elizabeth’s attitudes have been shaped by environmental and social concern and her lived experiences, from university in the 70s, to practice as a working mother in a male dominated industry.

Elizabeth joined the Greens from a conviction that, today, Greens’ policies best address the fundamental challenges we face across the complex ‘ecosystem’ of social, democratic, economic, and environmental issues.

While volunteering with the Greens over a number of recent campaigns, Elizabeth has had hundreds of conversations with locals on the west side. She recognises that the Ryan community has deep resources and knowledge with the potential to contribute to the advancement of Australia as a just and habitable nation and a responsible international actor.